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Gear Up For Safety & Performance

Thought went into the composition of this article’s heading. A commission was given to start a conversation about competition close ratio gear sets. One of the highlights of this conversation would have to do with peak performances. But after some thought and discussion, it was decided to remind new readers of the importance of safety considerations in lieu of selecting an appropriate gear set.

competition close ratio gear sets

The gear set scenario could be applied to numerous everyday applications, some more serious than others. But for most readers perhaps, most thoughts ride over the gearbox situation in the automobile. Indeed, in most cases, this set of gears appear to be running well. This could have something to do with the overall makeup of the car where everything has been engineered to work in sync.

Or it could have something to do with the fact that, particularly in the case of a secondhand but approved vehicle, drivers have applied themselves diligently to scheduled maintenance inspections. And in many cases, such inspections are not carried out that often so as to inconvenience the driver to be without his vehicle for an extended period of time. Many consumers who have gone out and purchased brand new vehicles often have a warranty clause built into their purchasing agreement.

While the car is guaranteed to work without a glitch for a stipulated period of time, the guarantee is still subject to the driver taking every precaution as stipulated in his operating manual. And this again is quite convenient in the sense that his purchase agreement allows room for free maintenance inspections at the scheduled time. But in this there is merely a window period after which the responsibility falls heavily on the shoulders of the driver to ensure that every aspect of his car, including the gears, is running as it should.